Instant Salsa In Seconds

JD's Salsa Seasoning Mix is the perfect blend of the all natural spices needed to make a variety of Fresh Homemade Salsa Recipes in 30 seconds.

How To Make Our Homemade Salsa Recipe

Mix one scoop (2 tablespoons) of our salsa spices with a 14.5 ounce can of petite diced tomatoes. Chill for 30 minutes, Serve and accept compliments. For a perfectly consistent instant salsa everytime. Click here to view our Salsa Recipe Video!

Spice up your favorite salsa recipes

30 Second Salsa
1 quart size jar of JD's is enough to make 25 - 30 one cup servings. Great Savings compared to expensive store bought brands, Hot or Mild, order yours now.

Fiesta Dip

JD's is the perfect recipe for salsa, and as you share the great taste of JD's Salsa with friends and family, also be sure to try our Fiesta Dip recipe.

Click here to view our Fiesta Dip Recipe Video!

JD's does more than make delicious homemade salsa.

With it's great southwest flavor, you can add it to all your favorite dishes and recipes such as spice rubs for beef, pork & poultry, soups, chili, hot dishes, seafood, pastas and much more. Bringing flavor and fun back into food without all the gluten, sugar, msg, cholesterol, fat , and excessive salt found in other brands.

Order yours today!
Salsa Seasoned Hamburgers Chicken With JD's Seasoning Rub Salsa In Seconds Seasoned Shrimp